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If you haven’t already heard, HUD homes are back!  I am excited to provide our community with valuable information on how to purchase these properties.  I am continually hosting buyer seminars, this is designed to provide valuable information to you a potential buyer of a great opportunity in the purchase of a HUD property weather you are first time-homebuyer, an investor, or possible eligible for the special programs available to specific recipients.  A free list of HUD homes will be provided to all who attend.  You can also enter to win a Free Home Inspection.  Call or email me today for more information. 916-405-5757 or [email protected]

We are a Local Listing Broker (LLB) for marketing and selling HUD owned homes in the greater Sacramento Area.

Buying a HUD Home is a different process than a traditional sale.  It’s important that you work with an agent who understands HUD’s bidding process.  Any real estate broker registered with HUD, or real estate agent working for a registered broker may facilitate the sale of a HUD home.  It is a good idea to verify this with your agent in advance. If you are not working with and agent and want professional representation, give our team a call at (916) 572-9797 or contact through our website at

Watch for our announcements about our upcoming training events! If you’re looking to buy a home this year, you will want to attend our next event and find out more about HUD homes!

In the meantime, make sure you register to receive your free list of HUD Homes sent right to your email! Once you get the list, you will see why we are so excited about HUD homes and the tremendous value that they represent. Get your HUD Home List Now

Here is our latest listing!  

For a complete list of HUD homes available make sure to visit  or search for all homes for sale in Sacramento NOW!

We are excited about the opportunity to educate you about Sacramento HUD Homes and how they can be a great way to get into a home this year!